Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What is and how do I join?

Reply: is a privately owned internet auction website that is for ITEX members only.  It is free to join, however you must be an ITEX member to join.  To find out more about ITEX visit  

2.  What are the costs involved in Buying and Selling on 

Reply:  To list an item on the basic fee is $1.00 to place and item up for sale.  There are no Final Value Fees or End of Sale Fees when selling an item. does not charge Bidders any fees to buy an item. Shipping fees are paid for by the Buyer and paid to Seller thru Paypal.  Item sale amounts are paid in Itex Trade Dollars and processed by the Buyer & Seller through normal Itex transaction processes. 

3.  I am having trouble listing an item, what should I do?

Reply:  Send an email through the Contact Us page explaining the issue you are having and someone will respond shortly.